Welcome to Beyond The Second Crack!

The purpose of this site will be for home roasters to exchange roasting information.

It is intended to be entirely non-commercial and is purely for enjoyment!

If you want to reach me you can email me at:
You'll have to manually type the email address; what shows here is a picture file so that spam-bots cannot harvest my email address.

Pages on this site:

Library of Articles
Making A One-Way Valved Lid
Venting An AlpenRoast
Thermometer  in action in Hearthware Precision roaster 
Roasting Log Sample a sample of my roasting log (Excel file)
Roasting Log Data & Chart See a chart and raw data

Coming Soon!
How to lubricate Hearthware Precision bearings.
How to clean the burrs on a Solis Maestro 166
How to make the perfect cup of coffee

At 3 months old, my daughter Kendra can't do much more than watch but we'll have her roasting soon enough!She's now 13 mos old (as of 9/02). I'll update this picture, soon.

Links to other sites:

HomeRoaster.com Ed Needham's hobby site. Check out his Pavoni mods!
Sweet Marias  a great source for green beans and home roasting supplies
                          Sweet Marias is the cheapest source for green beans on the Internet
WholeLatteLove  very good equipment supplier; great service!
Where I bought my thermometer
Lab Safety has everything you could want. Not cheap, but worth it.

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