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Recently, (starting around May or June of 2002) I noticed that my Hearthware Precision seemed to be laboring a bit more than usual.

I bought it in December of 1999 and I estimate that I've done around 700 roasts in it. I've always been careful to clean the chaff collector every time with an old toothbrush, and I even thoroughly wipe out the interior of the of the roasting chamber with a cloth after every roast.

I was worried that my Hearthware might stop working. And since the new and improved Hearthware roasters aren't due out until early 2003, and since they aren't selling Hearthware Precision's anymore, I would be in a real bind if my Hearthware Precision stopped working. Yes, I know, there's always the Hearthware Gourmet, and the Fresh Roast, but I consider those to be first generation home roasters. I'd rather use my money on a third generation model when the new Hearthware comes out.

I called the very friendly and helpful folks at Hearthware and they were kind enough to email me written instructions on how to lubricate the bearings in a Hearthware Precision.

The instructions were well written but I felt they could be improved by the addition of a pictorial guide to supplement the instructions. I decided to photograph my experience and use that as the basis for a pictorial instruction guide and post it here on this website.

I don't yet have the full pictorial guide put together, but I thought I would post a picture of what I saw when first opened my Precision. I was shocked and I think you'll be shocked, too.
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